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This will be my focal webpage on robotics.
I've worked with the Robotics & Automation Society of Portland State University towards several robots including the KHR-1 and the Hahoe Head. Click on links for more information.
I'm particularly interested in walking intelligent robots. Ideally l envision the world full of walking robots just like in the movie iRobot - delivering mail/courier packages etc.
I've used and own various microcontrollers including 6800, Z80, 68000 based microprocessors, PIC, Handy Board, Basic Stamps - I use the BS2x 24 pin, Xilinx FPGA Spartan 3 development board - this was used to build the winning robot (by someone else) at PDXBOT 2005 and this board has a FPGA with 150,000 gates!. I'm working on getting one of the boards below mentioned in item #1 and using it with the Spartan 3 since 8 bit microcontrollers are out, 32bit microcontrollers are the in thing and very affordable now to survive a fatal robot crash!
I also worked with the Xilinx XUP Virtex 2 University Development Board.

Sincerely: Steve M.

Current Work/Projects

Update: 12/2011

Current Controller for robotics - Arduino Mega

  Chucky Doll Comes Alive - (10_07 - work in progress)  


  OSU - Oregon State University Robot Below 9/16/2011  
  Some Videos      



See this websites:

  1. Affordable ARM 32bit microcontrollers that can run linux, l plan to get one of these and install linux/Microsoft CE for future robotic projects
  2. Open source website for walking humanoid robots!
  3. Rodney -sourceforge open source humanoid
  4. KHR-1, 2, 3 Robots - Machine Control lab
  5. Biped Robot Research links
  6. Stewart Tansleys Homepage - Microsoft Research - 32bit Microcontrollers and Microsoft CE
  7. Movies of KHR-1 in action - Walking Robot
  8. Robosavvy - KHR-1 Forum and Construction
  9. Androids
  10. More Humanoids
  11. KHR-1 Movies/Videos





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